This Saturday, December 31, our store will open its doors from 9am to 4pm


As the warm weather transforms the garden and your outdoors springs back into life, you’ll be drawn to relax out there under the shade of a parasol – and before you know it you’ll feel as if you’re on holiday. Garden furniture and spacious tables help create an area where everyone loves to gather to enjoy drinking and eating on a summer’s evening – or to leaf through a good book or simply soak up the peace and quiet of a well-deserved siesta. Opportunities abound to enjoy time with friends outside, whether for day-to-day or special occasions.

  • Biohort
  • Brafab
  • Burnout
  • Cosmic
  • Domus
  • Extremis
  • Fab Hab
  • Glatz
  • Hartman by Schöner Wohnen
  • Kettler
  • Le Marquier
  • Ma Salgueiro
  • Magis
  • Siena Garden
  • Stern
  • Sun Garden
  • Tiger Fire
  • Umbrosa
  • Varaschin
  • Vincent Sheppard
  • Weber
  • Wesco
  • Zebra Garden