About Kichechef

To help you enjoy your home and create wonderful memories, our teams will help you design a home that reflects your personality. Let us inspire you and offer you advice.


Our story

Kichechef - Since 1976

We have been helping to create pleasant living spaces since… 1976. It all started with a store specializing in selling kitchens located in Walferdange. Since then, we have developed the activity and gradually expanded the offer, with the first space in Bereldange in 1984, under the name Decorama.

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Since the 2000

In 2000, we opened our current showroom (we enlarged it in 2010) and changed our name to Kichechef to allow you to explore the latest trends through multiple worlds with us.

Over the years, we have never stopped renewing ourselves, with the same determination to allow you to furnish each room of your home according to your desires and imagination.


Homieland for Kids

While wandering around Kichechef’s exhibition spaces, your children will have a thousand and one adventures in Homieland, our great recreational area dedicated to little people. In the company of our animators, they will discover our various activities. Unforgettable memories are guaranteed.

Motif chic boutique

Brasserie Da Capo

Feel like taking a small break during your visit to Kichechef?
Our Da Capo brasserie welcomes you in a warm and friendly setting for a drink or a snack, comfortably seated. Discover our menu of drinks and tasty dishes. There is something for everyone.


Your pet is a member of the family

As such, your pets have their place in the aisles of our exhibition space, provided they are placed in a special shopping cart available at the entrance. Don’t be afraid to bring them with you on your next visit. They, too, can have a say in your choices to improve your home.

Home Sweet Home for everyone

« Home Sweet Home c’est tout simplement un endroit où l’amour est… »
Discover what this slogan represents for Kichechef’s employees.