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Kichechef is a major brand whose core focus is its passion for furniture. With over 40 years of experience, we display high-quality products, designed by reliable, well-established designers. Our qualified, multilingual staff will guarantee you a warm welcome and guide you in your choices in an individual and professional way.

In a showroom…

of over 38,000m², we display high-quality products, designed by reliable, well-established designers. Besides our full design-to-installation service for kitchen, bathroom and furniture, we can also deliver to your home with assembly by specialists. Should you have any questions following your purchase, our after sales team will find quick, effective solutions that work for you.

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Did you know…

…that it all started back in 1976 when Decorama, specialising in kitchens, opened a 80m² showroom in Luxembourg-Walferdange. Then in 1984, the company moved to Bereldange to a 1,200m² kitchen and furniture showroom.

In 2000, and now called Miwwel & Kichechef, a new 10,000m² showroom opened in Capellen selling kitchens, furniture, rugs, light fittings, decorative items, electrical appliances and so on.

In 2010, came another major development as the showroom of Kichechef was extended to cover 38,000m² offering new kitchen displays, furniture, bathrooms, garden furniture, baby products (Babibutz), rugs, light fittings, electrical appliances, boutique and household and decorative items.