Thursday April 25, 2024

Combine colors and materials

Edition 2

Combine colors and materials

During the “Chic Boutique” workshop, let yourself be guided to create an atmosphere that suits you, for your home. Using a color chart, you can harmoniously combine paint, wallpaper, fabrics, materials and decoration.

Sandrine Monteiro, interior designer.

Sandrine Monteiro

Whether you have a concrete project for decorating a room in your interior or just want to be inspired by new trends in color and decoration, this workshop is for you!

Motif chic boutique

Inspiring Workshops

“Chic Boutique – Inspiring Workshops” are workshops around different themes linked to the Kichechef slogan: Home sweet Home. In other words, workshops that help improve well-being at home. During these workshops, 6 winners will be able to live, with the person of their choice, an exclusive, interactive and friendly experience.