A thousand and One Virtues of Purple

Une jolie harmonie de couleurs vives et sobres.

Purple, both elegant and feminine, is one of the colours of choice in a room for a Zen and sensual atmosphere. It evokes softness, dreams, meditation and peace. We like its darker shades because they bring warmth to the room and allow us to create contrasts that are accentuated by marrying purple to noble materials, such as leather or gold metal, and to cocooning materials, such as velvet.


Here we combine it with orange, green and floral patterns and the atmosphere becomes bright and invigorating while preserving its warmth. A nice harmony of bright and sober colours for a room as relaxing as in the air of time!

  • mille-et-une-vertus-du-violet_05 mille-et-une-vertus-du-violet_04
  • mille-et-une-vertus-du-violet_06 mille-et-une-vertus-du-violet_02 mille-et-une-vertus-du-violet_01
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