Blue… King of our Interior

Blue, a deep and elegant colour.

Between sky and sea, blue never leaves us, from season to season, and invites itself in its many variations. This colour has the power to make an interior chic and soothing.


Blue, a deep and elegant colour, is wonderfully combined with yellow, which enhances the decor and makes it more dynamic, in small touches, through the textiles and accessories. In this living room, we create a very trendy, designer and… just pleasant!

  • bleu-roi-de-notre-interieur-01 bleu-roi-de-notre-interieur-08
  • bleu-roi-de-notre-interieur-02
  • bleu-roi-de-notre-interieur-07 bleu-roi-de-notre-interieur-05 bleu-roi-de-notre-interieur-03
  • bleu-roi-de-notre-interieur-00